Saturday, February 14, 2009

Photos from The Graffiti Plays

Vickey is Hot by Tyler Rubenfeld
Actors, Michael Fentin (left) and Tyler Rubenfeld (right)

I Masturbate in Hell by Sabrina Sutherland
Actor: Sabrina Sutherland

Illegitimi non Carborundum by A.S. Freeman
Actors: Catherine Velez (left), Katelyn Stringham (right)

Here I Sit by Steve Dudas
Actors: A.S. Freeman (left), Steve Ball (right)

Here I Sit
Actors: Sabrina Sutherland, A.S. Freeman

Here I Sit
Actors: Chelsea Barberi and A.S. Freeman

Here I Sit
Actor: A.S. Freeman

Freedom by Keith Medelis
Actor: Emily Thomson

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Steve P. Dudas said...

One of the most exciting and fufilling experiences I have ever been involved with. A truly great and talented group of artists. I love them all.