Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Perchance to Dream and Copper Fluoride Billy Cast Lists

Perchance to Dream by Jason Sebacher

Beatrice Willoughby, Mildred Willoughby, Cordelia, Dawn Ades: Kathryn Wikstrom

Salvador Dali, Jean-Paul Willoughby, Lear: Carlen Kernish

Copper Fluoride Billy: A Blood Cactus Gulch Tale by Tyler Rubenfeld

Narrator: Tyler Rubenfeld

Nick Simms: Steve Dudas

Billy Simms, Milligram Slatery, Widow O'Donahue: Carlen Kernish

Yancy McClanahan, Mayor Mckee, Emelia McKee...Shasta, Brent the Demon: Michael Fentin

Max Minich, Mordecai Carswell, Letter, Zombie #2: Steve Ball

The Devil, Nathan Crabbe, Ed Bennington Black, Zombie #1: Keith Medelis

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